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Don't Buy the Rate Rap

Cramer's not paying attention to the negative interest rate talk. Greenspan's getting his way now.
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Wow, feels like the old days. Trouble worldwide. Imminent tightening. Nasty bonds.

I wish I could be more concerned. I know complacency is the enemy of profits. But if my biggest worry is the bonds, I am less worried, not more worried, by today's action. Copper, lumber, oil, the commodities complex -- these aren't signaling tightening. Weakening in Argentina and Brazil doesn't signal tightness.

In fact, unless you want to tell me that


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signals tightness, I am not buying this new negative interest rate rap -- particularly the Medley adviser tale. Excuse me for being a Pollyanna, but I think

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is getting his way. Perfectly.

His tightening bias is working. He is not going to take action now, when things are working.

Despite what the talking heads are saying. Talking heads, they haven't made you much lately. Oops, how about ever?

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