NEW YORK ( - It's a big day in technology, starting off with rumors about Microsoft Windows Mobile and their assumed debut of a more touch-friendly version of Windows Mobile 6.5 in the near future. In addition, and subsequently much later in 2010 could come the much improved Windows Mobile 7, a more premium device that Microsoft (MSFT) - Get Reporthopes will compete with the iPhone.

On the gaming side, we're a little jealous of Engadget's new toy, the


(SNE) - Get Report

Playstation Slim, which is clearly much more streamlined when compared to the old, fatter PS3. Some additional details include a swappable hard drive and functional front panel button. An even extra bonus that we're hoping for is a price drop, which we mentioned in

Tuesday's Blog Watch.

New data released suggests that digital music purchases are slowly picking up pace. Though CDs still lead with a commanding 65% market share, digitally,


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iTunes leads the pack in the U.S. , accounting for 25% of all music purchased.


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, which includes both the store and its digital web entities ranks second, with

Best Buy

(BBY) - Get Report

coming in third.

In a court ruling,


(GOOG) - Get Report

has been

forced to reveal the identity of an apparent 'offensive blogger' who allegedly used the company's blogging tool to bash Canadian-born model, Liskula Cohen. A Supreme Court ruling allows Cohen to sue the blogger for defamation, a significant move that could set the stage for similar future cases. Wow, negativity on the net ... who knew?

And finally, it's an extreme sad day in the world of media with the passing of

broadcast pioneer, Don Hewitt . "Recognized as a father of modern television," Hewitt was the creator of the extremely successful


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broadcast, 60 Minutes, a first of its kind program which bridged the gap between print and broadcast journalism. sends its condolences to Don's family, both personal and at CBS. He truly will be missed!

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