Does Amazon Have Cooties?

JJC says nay, but Berko thinks it could drag the whole sector down.
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Jeff Berko

and I are duking it out. He says that the news that just came out about


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, big loss, no big upside to the revenue, is negative enough to knock




Me, I think Amazon is, is, well, Amazon -- and the market will discern between the two. The AOL call finished on a negative note, some bummer question about free ISPs and whether this will be the trend. Simultaneous with the question came the 'Zon's right in-line loss and a two-for-one split.

I think it is too hard to call. I just believe that Amazon's profligate ways won't impact AOL. Jeff thinks that the sub-sub growth at AOL will overshadow the good margins and Amazon will take everything down.

Of course,


confirms his view right now, with AOL trading back to 114.5 on the bid side.

Six o-clock and we are still at it. Can't wait till round-the-clock trading. Round-the-clock indecision and pain!

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