People got rocked yesterday by QLogic's (QLGC) gaffe of a buy of Ancor (ANCR) and Computer Associates' (CA) - Get Report delayed earnings.

These two items, on top of the


(CSCO) - Get Report

hatchet job, reverberated through the market like shrapnel from antipersonnel bombs.

Until yesterday QLogic had pretty much done everything right, while Ancor had consistently done everything wrong. Ancor was a walking Blow-up. So the combination felled QLogic the way an earnings shortfall would have pole-axed the darn thing. What a stupid move.

Computer Associates decision to delay the quarter got greeted with a total shoot-first-ask-questions-later response. Frightening. This company is huge and its exec is the highest-paid chieftain in the world. So nobody was too into this lil' delay.

If the market were strong, it could have shaken off the Cisco piece. In fact, I thought Cisco would rally from down 5, but with the quarter about to be announced, it was too difficult. But QLogic and Computer Associates were serious hits. They had staying power. They contributed to

a truly crummy day.

For more information on QLogic, I urge you to read

Herb Greenberg

this morning. For Cisco,




filled in best.

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