Do You Have Flood Insurance?

Torrential rains have battered the Midwest all week, causing massive floods for those who live along the riverbeds. Now more rain is expected, here's what homeowners need to know about protecting their belongings.
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The bad news for the flood-soaked Midwest continues, as another round of violent rainstorms hit today, creating further havoc in towns like Cedar Falls, Iowa, where the Cedar River is reportedly cresting at an all-time high of 102 feet. Now officials are preparing to evacuate residents along the Cedar River, which threatens to breach a levee, according to the New York Times (NYT) - Get Report.

Earlier in the week, in Wisconsin, a piece of Lake Delton's shoreline broke and washed away several homes, leading to more evacuations, Reuters reports. (

Wisconsin's local Sauk Prarie Eagle reports yesterday

that the 267-acre lake drained from the dam's leak.) Whereas area homes and their contents may be beyond repair, the homeowners with insurance at least have a chance to get their lives back to normal more rapidly.It is always better to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to insuring your home. So what should

those who live near highly floodable areas, such as riverbeds, do to protect themselves?

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