Every ten minutes I get an email about some stock that reported a great quarter and nothing happened. "I can't believe how fabulous

National Gift.com

was and yet it's flat. What does the Street want?"

To which I say, hold it, take a look at

Turnstone Systems


. I first heard of these guys in a great

piece called "Looking for the Next Cisco" by

Adam Lashinsky

. The firm makes digital loop management systems and apparently it really caught on this quarter. Revenue was twice what analysts were forecasting. (Remember



basically did the revenue.) Gross margins exceeded forecast by 15 percentage points. Management itself was blown away by these numbers. That's what the Street wants to see.




, which had given so-so guidance the previous quarter, yesterday reported a terrific number, igniting the whole group. This time it trounced the revenue estimates big-time and had substantially higher gross margins. These were truly surprising. When people talk about blowouts, these were blowouts.

So, don't blame the market. The market rewarded the true surprises as it always does.

So far though, there just haven't been enough true blowouts. When we get them, the stocks tell the truth. As always.

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