We are seeing the fruits of a failed strategy that many hedge funds put on. Unwilling to sell their highflying tech, they hedged it by shorting the


. (They couldn't short the


because it was too volatile). That's how


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could rally viciously. That's how the drugs zoomed. That's the rally behind


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Here's how it works. People sell S&P calls when they are rich, or have a lot of premium, to hedge their exposure to the market.

Many of the hedgers use that index because it is the most liquid.

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But the hedge didn't work. The collapse came in tech. The S&P hedge had to be brought in or covered. When the hedgers came in to cover, their frantic buying was so powerful it moved the underlying stocks that make up the index. Sellers didn't even have time to register their sales, the move was so fast.

That's why it was totally logical that the


would rally and the NDX would fail. They went in tandem. And the higher that the S&P went up the more urgent it was to take the short off before it wiped out your tech gains.

A recipe for disaster for new tech holders that served to put some life in the old stocks and out a nifty floor on the

Dow Jones Average

. And we wonder why I keep stressing that you have to take something off the table.

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