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Dell: The Next Apple?

The trader and his partner discuss the merits of buying Dell stock. Listen in on the debate.
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Is Dell (DELL) - Get Report really Apple (AAPL) - Get Report? I mean, that's the fear, isn't it? Dell, like Apple, had no problem with demand. Demand was terrific. But it was supply constrained by this earthquake. I wanted to buy it. My partner, Jeff, said to stay away until after we find out more about the quarter.

I wanted to buy it because the shorts have been pressing their bets endlessly today. They have been talking about conference calls that don't exist. They have been spreading ridiculous rumors about a missed 4 cents. They will be wrong.

But then, Jeff said, "Hey, Apple -- the stock -- got destroyed by the supply problem. Why would Dell be any different?"

I said that Apple had other problems.

He then pointed out that the stock broke almost 10 points on just the supply problem.

That won the debate. We are not shorting it; we are not going long it. We are just trying, at this very moment, to figure out whether to take the


over the


. Now that's something I feel confident about. But, unlike stocks, I don't have to disclose whom I am taking.

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