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Deliver Us a Dot-Com

Cramer looks into Eliot Spitzer's latest lawsuit.
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What am I missing here? The attorney general of the State of New York is suing the local supermarkets over the wages of deliverymen?

Why doesn't the government just take the more logical step and organize these individuals into a dot-com? Don't laugh. What is

other than a deliveryman from



Red Apple

who stops by the


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or the

Duane Reade

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on the way?

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All of these fancy



and Kozmos rely, at core, on someone who can deliver products. When I lived in Brooklyn Heights, we constantly relied on these delivery people because, with a newborn, I could never lug all of the necessary diapers and food without a car. And I didn't have one.

If I were

Eliot Spitzer

, I would create a state dot-com and give these people shares. The heck with the minimum wage. They deserve stock! Now that would be good government!

Random musings:

Though I am hobbled with the flu, I wouldn't miss

Jack Bogle

for the world, and I'll make our TV show come





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