Editors' pick: Originally published Dec. 12.

In a world where  stolen identity  scenarios are popping up faster than a  Trump tweet can tank a stock, it can't hurt to clean up your online identity.

When you sign up for an online service, you usually use your gmail address so you can click the confirmation email quickly, use whatever a particular company has provided and go on about your day. Of course, you'll forget about signing up within minutes if not hours, because you're only human. That's where Deseat.me, found via Lifehacker, comes in. Log into the service in via the gmail address you usually use to scan and find all of your archived accounts.

Using a third-party app to go through all of your emails is kind of terrifying, but the developers insist it's not going to the cloud but rather running the program on your computer. Deseat.me uses Google OAuth to sign in, so it's pretty legit.

It's pretty simple once you sign in and allow a short amount of time for Deseat.me to show you a list of all the accounts you've signed up for in past lives when a Dominos account was an immediate priority. Sort the list into two categories, "add to delete queue" or "keep." Luckily, some of the services will take you directly to the page where you can easily delete your account after clicking the delete button, but some of the lesser known sites will make you go to the main site and delete it manually.

As someone who is eternally grateful she deleted her Myspace before it could be found and used as potential blackmail (public school suburban angst is real, guys), I understand that deleting your internet trail should definitely be up there on your list of priorities.