Is this day more nauseating or less nauseating than yesterday? Is this shakeout more difficult or less difficult than the nasty April unraveling?



decline today seems a tad more chilling than the previous ones. It bounced off of 3400 just now, which was a relief. I guess.

We have been reluctant to buy even our round of 5,000s until we get some sort of bounce. You contrarians out there can say, "Hmm, that's Cramer panicking," but actually, I am in the capital-preservation mode. We have bought all we want with oil roaring and the


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call still fresh in our minds.

We are in no hurry to do anything, other than watch the


game. Jeff points out that if


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is bad and the Knicks lose, the sun won't come up tomorrow.

I think he may be a little too negative. The sun won't come up if the


and the


and the




Cisco is bad.

That's for certain.

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