So where does Danica Patrick stand on pay equity? She's fine with it, thank you very much.

"I get paid better than most men in my field. I'm not, maybe, the most pc about this topic, but you have to be competing in something or doing something that has a demand. I get that it's the same job, but what drives the salary and that is the demand or the interest. So if somebody is doing the same job in the workplace and there's nothing outside of it other than pure performance, it should be equal, I get that.

"But let's say it's a sport that's on TV that gets millions and millions of viewers vs another sport that's on TV that doesn't, the money is coming from TV. It's coming from sponsorship. It's coming from those things and it's not there, so it's not fair to compare the two. There are all kinds of different ways to look at it, but, for me, it's about being unique and different and having a consumable product."

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