Cyclical Rally Stocks Can Wait

The trader thinks the top in the cyclicals is here after 2 Alcoa upgrades.
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You want to make a bet that this cyclical rally peaked today with two upgrades of


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? I am not a believer in investing based on irony, but it is inconceivable that people who got you out of a stock at 38 can get you in a stock at 55 and have you make money. Just inconceivable.

Talk about a humbling day! Analysts who have hated cyclicals all year were all over town today telling us that we had to buy these stocks. No thanks! If this were basketball these guys would be saving their best stuff after they got eliminated from the playoffs. (Bunch of Iversons.)

What else did I see today besides the usual Net lunacy? I saw a level of volatility that made me feel like Regan in the Exorcist, sans green vomit. To which I say, get used to it, Dimi!!

Random musings:

Philadelphians, at least I didn't buy

Tasty Baking

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, which blew up after the close for what seems like the 4 millionth time. No krimpet jokes.

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