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Current Faves Hang In There

Yet another day where the 1998 winners were losers and the 1999 winners, the cyclicals, did fairly well.
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worked. So did


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. The action in


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was pretty strong. Gotta love

Ball Corp

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Yeah, another day where the 1998 winners were losers and the 1999 faves actually hung in fairly well. Or, to put it in an index perspective, you did better relatively by hiding in the

Morgan Stanley

cyclical index, which was down 4 on a 612 basis, than in the


, which was down 17 on a 633 basis.

Of course, the relative game is the one institutions play. I am willing to bet that individuals saw some bleeding, as these Net stocks fit on our feet like cement galoshes. (

Captain Kirk

, can you help



please? Will you be on the conference call, or will it just be





The averages lie rather strongly today. A lot more wealth was destroyed on this down-128 day for the


than was made on the plus-200 day yesterday.

I'm staying lean as this market tempts, teases and crushes rather resolutely.

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