Yep, "," the TV show, is just not long enough. I hear what you say, I know what you mean. We could really go at it, go head to head, pick up some great ideas, make each other money, but we need more time. Alas, it is not up to me, but I will fight for it. I have a ton of stuff to say as does everybody else. We just need more time to say it.

With that preamble, let's go over the show.

First up was

Bob Friedman


Mutual Advisers

. You have to listen to Bob. He would have made you a fortune last year when he was at our round table. I was thrilled to see him. Understand how we work: At 4:01 p.m. I find out what stocks our guest in Stock Drill is going to recommend. That gives me a couple of hours to bone up.

In all three cases I was prepared to hate

General Motors

(GM) - Get Report


JC Penny

(JCP) - Get Report


Bank One

(ONE) - Get Report

, Bob's choices. I am no fan of GM when the


is raising rates and inventories are too high, but I keep an eye on it. When the Fed is done tightening, this is a must-own. I thought Bob was being a little too glib about the possible negative impact a dot-com within the bank could have for Bank One, but he is dead right that you aren't paying much for the bank.

It was the JCP call that really got to me, though. I was all prepared to drill him for not doing a

Peter Lynch

walkthrough but he blew me off, because he doesn't care. He acknowledges that JCP is worth more dead than alive and he may have something. This stock looks a lot like Melville stores before they decided to break into


(CVS) - Get Report


Linens 'N Things

(LIN) - Get Report

. Melville was one of the biggest hits I have ever had.

I will probably buy this stock as soon as I see how July numbers go.

Next was




. Boy, do people hate technicians. I got one of the angriest, meanest emails from some guy named David (that's all you will get) about what a nonrigorous phony

Gary B. Smith

is. That's hogwash. I have made money with Smith. Let me repeat that. I have made money with Smith.

Last I looked that is pretty much all that matters.

Lashinsky, however, was on my side on both the two stocks they were arguing about:


(MSFT) - Get Report



(ATHM) - Get Report

. Now, here is where I am partisan. Heck, I am long these two and I don't want Chartman to talk me out of them.

But aren't we better at our jobs of stock picking when we are challenged, when we see why others might be selling our stocks because? I think yes. That's why I love this exercise and it is my favorite part of the show. (For the record, my wife, the

Trading Goddess

, thinks all of us should put a cork in it save Gary!)

Next up was the section where

Dan Colarusso


Brenda Buttner


Herb Greenberg

and I mix it up. This one was a little strange because the first question I was asked about was who would benefit from Microsoft's shift in selling software.

I had read

Jim Seymour's

piece on this, but I felt uncomfortable recommending a couple of small-caps, so I said what I really believe, which is, whatever is good for Microsoft is just good for Microsoft. But the discussion devolved into whether tech is right or wrong here. I liked Colarusso's thoughts on the tremendous amount of put buying on



, and how that might mark a bottom -- sorry, Gary -- but then Dan, who has a great perch from his desk as options editor -- kiboshed that later with a prediction to watch out for tech.

The other questions about





didn't thrill me frankly. Michael Capellas? I don't know the guy. If he executes, the stock goes up. If he doesn't, it goes down. As I don't know anything about him, I can't make that judgment.

UPS? Hey, bad for

Federal Express

. Otherwise, let's take a look at the financials before we jump the gun on this one.

As for predictions, I thought Herb was spot-on:


(SBUX) - Get Report

may have nothing underneath it and the core business may have hit the wall. I believe in


(PEP) - Get Report

, as I said, much more than in


(KO) - Get Report


I still believe tech is right, but I am cognizant that we might be putting in a false bottom. Nevertheless, I think that Dan will have to eat his words by September and I don't want to miss out on a good back-to-school rally now that August is almost here.

All in all, a good but too-short show.

Stay tuned for this week's show, as I am allowing cameras into my office for the first time, taping the real thing. And you get to meet my better half,

Jeff Berkowitz

, who is willing to show his face and solve the mystery of whether or not he exists.

You won't want to miss it.

Random musings:

Yes, I want the show on in more venues. Yes, I have made my calls to my cable operators urging them to put it on in my hometown of Philly and where I live in New Jersey. No, these guys are not inclined to listen to the public. Yes, I am getting a dish -- despite my wife's protestations -- because it is ridiculous that

Fox News

is not carried everywhere.

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