The frightening numbers streaming from the markets recently only tell an impersonal, cold part of the story: Real people are losing fortunes in this selloff, and the volatility is causing even the most veteran traders to blanche.

In a multipart series that runs this week,'s

James Cramer

will answer the questions that individuals are pondering: Is the fun over? Can money ever be made like it was made? Should investors just turn off


and stop reading about the market and turn back to other pursuits that are less costly and more fun? Were investors just deluding themselves that the fabulous bull market would last?

Read the series to find out Cramer's thoughts on these questions and more.

How to Play the Nightmare, Part 1

A reader provides a valuable lesson on when to take something off the table.

How to Play the Nightmare, Part 2: The Opportunity to Lose Big

The trader recalls his first outing with other peoples' money, when the market turned uncertain.

How to Play the Nightmare, Part 3: Hitting It Big

As it was then, so it is now: Patience pays off.

How to Play the Nightmare, Part 4: Getting Here Was Fun

But now, the caution we threw to the wind turns out to have been valuable.

How to Play the Nightmare, Part 5: It's Time to Capitulate

We won't see a true bottom until there is a widespread recognition that the time for buying is over, for now.