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was when Bill Griffeth took "Power Lunch" to Austin and

Michael Dell didn't come on the show. Is there a bigger business exec in Texas than Dell? And could it have been more obvious that he wasn't there.

Of course, if I were so smart (I can hear my wife saying in the background), why wasn't I short the darn thing?

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Anyway, this preannouncement, coupled with the fact that my Dell's in the shop in Texas -- motherboard problems -- should probably make me want to shy away from this stock when it opens tomorrow.

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But call me a contrarian. I think a lot of people expected Dell to blow up. Dell is a terrific company with a terrific product. With many people short the stock, if the conference call goes well, I want to go the other way. I will look to buy it.

Tech has been heavy and horrible of late, as if something terrible lurked in the midst. Now, when faced with the horror, I say that I have seen the movie before. It ain't so scary. I particularly want to buy the beaten up telecom names that have been tried and found guilty of being associated with Dell's shortfall.

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