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Get a load of those prices on the

New York Stock Exchange

. No wonder companies are fleeing from it. The 52-week-low list, something that has been expanding virtually forever, is only getting longer. And now it includes many of the old favorites.

How will this dichotomy between hyper-valued


and undervalued NYSE stocks play out? I'm sure that for many people, in their heart of hearts, they feel it will play out with a giant fall to the Nasdaq.

Me? I never think that way. Doesn't make me any money. In the mid-1980s, when indexing to the

S&P 500

started catching on, most of the multi-50-billion companies out there were under-10-billions. And people told me it was ridiculous that



could ever be $5 billion or


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$20 billion. And I bought them and forgot about them and made a ton of money.

Now the smart money says the same about

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. Maybe I am dumb money. But I know that theorizing and waxing about it doesn't make anyone a dime. We've got a giant shift going out of the S&P and into the Nasdaq and it's of fairly recent vintage. I am not going to write a Nasdaq obituary here, especially when the weapon being used against it -- higher short-term rates -- serves only to hurt much of the S&P 500, not the Nasdaq.

So, people ask, how could it all end? Even if


were to walk into the


option pit and buy position limits puts, I don't think it would end.

But that sure would be better than how he is trying to end it now.

Random musings:

I'm spending the next four days with my family and I'm not bringing the dreaded IGOR, my evil personal computer assistant. Peruse the rest of

in my absence and enjoy!

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