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Cramer's Glad He Bought When He Did


So far it's on plan. The big selloff at the opening that tested the 200-day was A-okay. That's supposed to happen, and it is triggering massive selling of puts, particularly


puts. As those were put on in massive amounts in the last few days, that's important.

A strong quarter delivered by


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, which I am long, was initially greeted skeptically (you could buy all you wanted at 93), but now it is ramping nicely.



is tougher. What a battleground.


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, my partner, is watching this like a hawk, and he's a believer that the buyers will have to come in.

The guys who shorted on



blast are also beginning to get squeezed. That's certainly right; they were the last to hear. Finally, the advance-decline, which has been the Love Canal of this market, seems to be getting some remediation.

What needs to be seen? Follow-through in the drugs, which still act crummy. Follow-through in old tech, which was strong yesterday until Acampora punished them.

Jeff is thinking massive squeeze. Me, I'm glad I did my buying when I did.

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