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Cramer: What Bernanke Wasn't Asked

Congress didn't ask the real questions, so it's all generalities and blather.
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They just don't ask him the tough questions. They don't ask Bernanke why he supported 2 and 28 mortgages that are all resetting and causing tremendous pain. They don't ask him about how come he didn't recommend the investment banks to shrink their balance sheets.

They don't ask him why he was so complacent and kept insisting the fundamentals are sound. They don't ask him why he doesn't buy

Fannie Mae


mortgages or why he doesn't reiterate the implicit guarantee of this paper. They don't ask him specifically to endorse an FHA program that the Democrats want. They don't ask him how to stop house price depreciation.

They don't ask him how he could not see the panic of



coming after all the inputs he had. They don't ask him why he felt we were in an inflationary time when housing declines are inherently DEFLATIONARY given their importance to the household worth of Americans.

They don't ask him about how the inflation in our system that is not oil-based is ethanol-based and can't be fought by the


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Because they don't, it is all hollow and brings us nothing but chatter about generalities that get us nowhere. Ben Bernanke has taken the Fed and made it a debating society, and there was lots of debate and no solutions.

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