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The market likes resolution. The market likes a short-squeeze. The market needs a rebound, and if it couldn't rebound today, it could never rebound.

People have already filled my email box with why am I not condemning Geithner all over again. Here is my answer: He got the job. I am magnanimous in total and utter defeat. I will now see how much of what he did was because he served under a president and a


chairman who didn't have what it takes and worked with a Treasury secretary who turned out to be a disaster.

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I wanted Larry Summers, but he is too hot, meaning too politically incorrect. I have read everything Summers has written since this crisis began, and it was prescient and constructive and smart as a whip. He was

not a part of this morass


But I want to have hope, like everyone else. I want to believe that Geithner will be smart and not handicapped by ideology and ignorance.

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Give Geithner/peace a chance.

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