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You know what would be the most frightening thing that could happen to the bears?


Goldman Sachs

(GS) - Get Report

would rally back to where it was when it reported. Now that the bonus issue has been decided, and the company could get off the front page, we might see the stock get some support, especially because it sounds like people will be locked up and can't sell for some time.

We all know there have been myriad stories about how Goldman isn't having a great quarter but I have to wonder with the spread on Treasuries being at the widest since 1980

how in heck could they not be having a monster quarter

? This should be the quarter to end all quarters, with compensation under control and the yield curve allowing money to be made doing nothing.

I can't wish a stock up. But if this one were to make it back to the $180s, we would have a different market and every bear knows it.

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