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We are doing everything we can as a nation to take 1929-1932 off the table. There is

no reason whatsoever

for a bank run now. There is less reason to believe that we are going to have 20% to 30% unemployment.

Again, I believe you


be doing some buying here -- something -- as I have been picking for

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The key issue is the velocity of the decline and whether we can get to where we have to go.


the revision on my Dow 8400 call

, I think that, technically, we HIT MY LEVELS at the opening.

The tug of war here is "no bottom on Fridays" vs. hitting my targets, which are an amalgam of a bottom-up analysis and a 1987 analogue to closing prices of Black Monday.

Terrible Tuesday intraday puts us under 6000. That may be too strong a decline, so what I would do is begin go buy something back right here, but you must leave room for a big gap down on Monday to do more buying.

We have also hit my downside oil target of $80.

So what to buy? High-yielding major oils, food and beverage soft goods with good yields, and






, which work in this environment.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Wal-Mart.

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