It's almost Friday.

Is it Friday yet? No, it's Thursday. Let's call it Friday Jr.

It's cold and snowy here in New York City, and the weekend cannot come fast enough. 

But, there's still some news we gotta sift through before we even get ready for the weekend. Curious about what's on the docket?

Nvidia's Earnings Report

Despite his Action Alerts Plus club getting out of Nvidia (NVDA - Get Report) a couple of months ago, Jim Cramer still adores the company. However, he says investors have to be patient before getting into it. 

That being said, Nvidia's report will be highly anticipated. TheStreet will be covering it Thursday through a live blog and yours truly will be live-tweeting the earnings report and call.

But first, let's go through what you need to know before we get our hands on that report. 

Real Money contributor Stephen Guilfoyle takes a look at what investors should expect. 

"First, the stock has traded wildly up and down, mostly down since the broader markets came under fire in early October. Through the course of that terrible month, this stock traded as high as $292.76 and as low as $176.01, a mere top to bottom move of 39.9%. For today, Wall Street is looking for EPS of $1.71 on revenue of $3.24 billion. Whispers are running above consensus for EPS, but I expect that outlook will rule the day more than will results," Guilfoyle wrote.

"The entire semi-conductor/high-tech space has come under pressure as ongoing trade conflicts have caused margin pressure concerns. Doubts over the trajectory of Global and in particular Chinese economic growth have caused concerns as well over pricing due to oversupply as much as waning demand," he continued. "An exclamation point has been placed on these concerns as firms like Seagate Technology (STX - Get Report) , Advanced Micro Devices (AMD - Get Report) and Western Digital (WDC - Get Report) , while not precisely in the same business lines, have rattled the marketplace with disappointing results."

What You Should Look For in the Earnings Report

TheStreet's Eric Jhonsa breaks down the top five things investors should be looking for when Nvidia reports.

In the wake of this selloff, Nvidia might not have to deliver particularly great numbers in its October quarter (fiscal third quarter) report to get a thumbs-up from investors. On average, analysts polled by FactSet expect revenue of $3.24 billion (up 23% annually), GAAP EPS of $1.71 and non-GAAP EPS of $1.93.

Here's what Jhonsa believes investors should be looking at.

  • Early Turing Gaming GPU Demand
  • Inventories, CPU Shortages and Tariffs
  • Datacenter Segment Sales
  • Automotive Growth and Commentary
  • Spending Growth

And don't forget, TheStreet's Nvidia live blog will be run by Jhonsa.

Heed Jim Cramer's Warning

Cramer believes that we're in a bear market

Jim Cramer breaks down the definition of a bear market and what it means for the current market situation. 

In his Daily Rundown on Action Alerts Plus, Cramer went more in-depth about the psychology of a bear market and what trends investors should keep an eye on. Members of the Club can watch the full video on the Action Alerts Plus site.

Cramer also listed out the sector he's watching and some safe stocks for investors. He also wrote a piece on Real Money discussing bear markets and his thoughts about the sell-offs.

Alright, guys, get home and get cozy. And remember, it's almost Friday.