Is the market underestimating the prospects for Citigroup's (C) - Get Report recovery? Jim Cramer thinks so. He has been watching this story closely, and he says this money-center bank is "the call on the next leg up in the market."

Cramer says that Citi's plan to split itself into a retail banking unit and a Citi Holdings unit will restore its value. Cramer says that since half of Citi's business is outside the U.S., it will be shielded from many of the defaults that afflict some other big banks. He says that the market will shake out the speculators and put its stock on a more secure basis.

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A Citi, Divided Against Itself, Can Prosper


Also, by approving Citigroup's restructuring plan, U.S. regulators could score a much-needed victory. After the AIG and Ford struggles, this one could pay off quickly.

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Feds Can Book a Big Win in Citigroup


What if you're worried about aggressive action by the FDIC? Cramer says that Citi's resilient stock is counteracting that possibility. And what about the stories of top talent leaving the bank? These stories are overblown, Cramer said. Where are those people going to go? Very few top managers have left, and one of Vikram Pandit's assets is his eye for new talent.

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Dismiss Citigroup at Your Own Risk


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