Bring on the next year already! I hate these artificial days with no real players and lots of phony action. We are ready for the New Year here at

Cramer Berkowitz

and this kind of sleepy, one-armed trading bugs the heck out of me. No research. No deals. No news. Nothing.

I can't wait for 2000. We've got a million new stocks to learn including some Swedish, French and Finnish blue-plate specials. We've got mobile commerce on the mind and application services in our ears. We hear the sounds of terrific customer relations management companies and terrific Net infrastructure plays.

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So bring it on. And let's get through this day in one piece so we can trade happily and healthily in 2000.

Random musings

: Weird intersection between fundy and chart! With the exception of


(PFE) - Get Report

I agree with, and am long, all of Gary's picks. Birds of a feather? Be careful out there. I saw


(MSTR) - Get Report

down 5 points to 195, and I figured I would be able to take advantage of it and get 2500 shares in. By the time I got it in, I had moved the stock to 206. That is



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