Cramer Berkowitz Plays Ball With the Bears

Your favorite team gets back in and scores.
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Now Berko's doing a home-plate high five! A jig! He's amazed that the bears let us back in. He's celebrating that they let us in Microsoft (MSFT) - Get Report and Nokia (NOK) - Get Report and a whole host of his other faves. (Not to mention a second chance for I-Beam (IBM) - Get Report!)

You have to thank the talking heads for this opportunity. These guys would be on


hike watch if the Fed slashed interest rates! They can't help themselves. They're preternaturally (high-SAT kind of guy) gloomy and were put on Earth to give Berko a second chance at the plate. And by gosh, it looks like he's pulled the bears' hanging curve over the left center field fence. That's got to be 460 feet straight as the crow flies.

Our only regret: We sold some of that beautiful Dead Head (

Dayton Hudson


) that we bought on that rip-off imbalance print last night. You have to blown away at the lack of rigor by the exchange. We haven't heard one official squawk about the 4:01 chicanery on so many different closing prints.

Oughta be a law.

Random musings:

Big Hat No Cattle Department. I thought about doing the


(KO) - Get Report

but I didn't pull the trigger. I hope you did! Wow, my best call and I didn't do it!

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