I sure hope that Bad Bank is big, because we need to put adhesives and fiber from


(MMM) - Get Report

into it. We need to be able to dump tools in it from

Black & Decker



Illinois Tool Works

(ITW) - Get Report

. We need to stuff some cabinets and sinks into it from

Fortune Brands


. Or how about some ships from


(DRYS) - Get Report

? Maybe some intellectual patents for cell phones from


(QCOM) - Get Report

? Don't we need some bulk carriers in the darned thing anyway?

Yep, looks like in our euphoria about a bad bank to save everyone from

Fifth Third

(FITB) - Get Report

to the


(HIG) - Get Report

, we have to focus on the fact that there is no business being done in the country, maybe even in the world!

Or at least not enough of it to make the estimates, unless you are in the tobacco or toothpaste business -- thanks,


(MO) - Get Report



(CL) - Get Report


This is a tough time. Every time we get excited about anything, it is taken away in a heartbeat. We love the bad bank, and then we get


(ALL) - Get Report

and Meredith Whitney saying everything's a big joke. We take up the


, but the S&P includes 3M and ITW. We want to say the market has bottomed, but the business of the world is nowhere near bottoming.

Most important, we look to Washington for a bottom in housing, and they give us a pastiche of programs that probably will put to work the number of people


(SBUX) - Get Report


Bank of America

(BAC) - Get Report

laid off -- hopefully.

Anyone who bought infra names off this stimulus plan knows he has been had.

All that said, you know there is hope. Absolute hope.

And hope is not going to be squelched as quickly as the bears would like. We can give back yesterday's gains, of course. But will we give up all six days' worth of gains? I don't think so.

Random musings

: Stay close to

Research In Motion




(GOOG) - Get Report



(AAPL) - Get Report

. Will Qualcomm pull them down? I don't think so.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Qualcomm, Black & Decker and Altria.

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