I'm shakin'. It's supplemental

B2B draft day and

Matt "B2B" Jacobs

has all of these charts and graphs and data all over his office. Heck, he has the B2B Elias as well as the Street & Smith B2B handbook. Me, I have a couple of

Gary B. Smith

charts and some good email about




Who can keep track of these stocks anyway? I was on the phone last night to one of the potential B2B-ers, doing a little due diligence, and I found myself, halfway through the conference call, saying, "Now I get it, you are






crossed with


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!" And then I immediately forgot the Inktomi portion, revealed myself as a moron about the customer retention policy and embarrassed myself about the company's


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Understand that these new-world companies, while they all sound alike, are so different that they all need hours of study before you know each one of them. They are hard to categorize and extremely difficult to pin down. But if you spend your time discerning between





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, or

J.P. Morgan

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First Union


, you might as well give the lunch money to the guy who knows the difference between


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He's going to take it away anyway.

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