These days are getting totally jiggy now. I mean, think about it. What could be worse than a


rate hike? How about a

discount rate

hike? And then a


boost right on top of it? Nothing but bad.

Yet you knew it had to rally. We sat there racking our brains about why in the heck we were buying anything, fully knowing that it would work simply because there was no other shoe to fall for a while.

We struggled with the sheer counter-intuitive lunacy of buying a market that the Fed wants lower. And then we said, so what, get the black tickets out like everyone else.

One thing you can't do in this tape is try to outthink or intellectualize things. You can't sit there and say, "That's a bad thing, so I will sell." You have to be thinking, "Was it in the market? If it was in the market, the bias is to buy, not sell."

Can you imagine trying to justify your purchases today in any theoretical construct? "Well, we bought stocks because the Fed is getting extremely vigilant about slowing down the economy and is determined to break the endless upward equity spiral."

OK. Sounds good. Makes sense. Well-done.

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