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Is the big trade out of old tech and into consumer products? You have the

Merrill Lynch


consumer products conference next week. You have bonds bouncing and seeming to bottom. You have fears from personal computers, with tons of money coming out of that group and looking for a home.

Big-time money has been reluctant to leave tech. It is liquid, juicy sexy and trades with power. But so do the consumer products stocks. What do I mean by consumer products? Very, very simple. Again, I don't have to tell you what to buy. I hate doing that. I am going into my fridge and into my medicine chest. I am going to visit the drug store (not .com). I am strolling down the aisle of my


with my wife's shopping list.


Chicago Purchasing Managers

report -- shows increasing strength; higher mortgage rates don't impact home sales; consumer products companies being too cautious after a year of miserable sales.

Rewards: money.

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