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I'm looking back at stocks whose lockups have expired over the last three weeks and I cannot make any sense out of the price action in these names. By themselves, the charts are telling: each one a story of weakness or strength. As a group, however, there is no discernable common thread or direction. In short, I'm stumped.

When I look at this list, what I remember was having, at the time, the feeling that many of these were iffy IPOs, and some were absolute garbage. I don't need to name names, just pull up a few quotes and take note of how many of these are trading below $5 a share. Are these names going lower? Probably not.

I know that I've told you nothing that you can use. Sometimes it's just like that. Sometimes the only things that will make a situation clearer are time and patience. I've got plenty of both.

Let's take a look:

* Lockup expirations may be extended or modified by a pending secondary stock offering.

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