Little things -- like ATI Technologies (ATYT) -- keep throwing the market for a loop. This company makes chips that improve computer graphics. We thought that business was red-hot. Lots of people were playing this graphics trend through ATI.

It may be. But it can't get the components it needs to hit its revenue targets.

Ouch! That's what knocked



down. That's what worried some on the


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call. (I think Cisco has enough clout to get what it needs, but people sold the stock on this news.)

So when component shortages caused by business being too hot start hurting both top and bottom lines of computer companies, people shoot a whole slew of companies and ask questions later.

That's what is happening right now. Makes a tough sector even tougher.

Random musings:

We think


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can be owned for a trade after this whacking. But we hope to exit above 30.

Also, this ramp in

UnitedHealth Group

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is amazing and is part-and-parcel with

the slowdown thesis.

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