I was driving across the country searching for myself when I made a long stop in Austin, Texas, home of the Longhorns, Dellionaires and none other than Jim Seymour.

I had been reading Jim's stuff since I saw one of his articles in PC Magazine many years ago, and I loved his analysis and commentary on RealMoney. He heard through one of the many great editors at TSC that I was in his hometown, and he immediately instant-messaged me a request to meet for lunch. I, of course, was thrilled.

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We met at a place called the Shady Grove Cafe for green chile cheese fries. Even though we were planning to split the order, we both asked the waitress simultaneously to cook the fries extra crispy. Thus, a friendship was born.

In the months since, I met Jim at Shady Grove a few times and even had the pleasure of meeting his very funny and insightful son, Graham, as well as his sweet and sharp wife, Nora.

Jim taught me tons about technology and more so about long-term strategic thinking and the implications of technological and logistical decisions throughout the technology industry. He was impartial and cutthroat in his writings, but he was nothing but warm and caring as a friend and colleague. He always had the time to chat, no matter what the topic.

I'll visit the Shady Grove Cafe next time I'm in Austin, and I'll have those green chile cheese fries extra crispy. And I'll miss Jim very much.

Cody Willard is a partner in a buy-side firm and a contributor to TheStreet.com's RealMoney. He also produces a premium product for TheStreet.com called The Telecom Connection. Willard appreciates your feedback and invites you to send it to