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Cobalt Networks Looks Hot This Week

Ben Holmes is back with some obvious winners.
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Man, you people are tough! I take one measly weekend off to travel and celebrate my son Harrison's third birthday and I get bombed with hate email from TSC readers. OK, OK, it wasn't all hate mail. In fact, some of it was very touching. Whatever, the message was loud and clear: You own me, and I'm expected to be here from now on. Enough said.

Last week was incredible. The deals were as strong as I can remember. One of my institutional accounts put it perfectly when he said, "It doesn't get any easier than this." He's right. If you're playing the deals in here and you're not making money, you're doing something wrong. My advice: Keep it simple. Stick to the obvious winners and you're home free.

Speaking of obvious winners, there is one deal in particular this week that should be on everybody's buy list --

Cobalt Networks


Jim Seymour

here at

wrote a great piece on this company a few weeks back, in which he confirmed what I have felt all along: This is a great company with a great product line. All I can say is,

be involved.

That, by the way, is my secret code phrase for deals that work big.

All right then, let's look at the deals for this week:

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