What got into


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in those last few minutes? Bank error in all of our favor? Gift from the Finnish gods of profit? Someone seeking to be up 500% in one year? More name-your-own-closing-price?

This year, which has seen the sanctity of just about everything else in this business go up in a bullish cloud of smoke, also took apart the holiness of the closing price. Nobody was ever supposed to manipulate that. Sure, it happened. A point or two got tacked on by some manager trying to make up some performance. A crime, but not one easily prosecuted.

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Now closing prices get thrown around like buses in a Godzilla movie. It is crazy. They don't mean jack. Nokia went up 10 points in the time it takes to go from downtown to midtown, without a gridlock alert.

I saw it happen in a whole bunch of stocks I own. The only people it hurts, of course, are the short-sellers, and they have no standing, so I guess nothing will ever happen to the kind souls (law enforcement authorities, read "outlaws").

But it has put a whole new element of phoniness into the equation. Is nothing in this market going to be the same after 1999 as before?

You know where I stand.

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