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Clocking the Red Hots

Cramer's got his radar gun out.
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We had the radar gun out during the first half-hour of trading.

Matt Jacobs

, the newest edition to the research department here at

Cramer Berkowitz

, clocked



traveling at 19 points per hour! Wow, that's a speed merchant.

That edges out

Copper Mountain


, which clicked at 18 3/4 points per hour. And it left


in the dust at 16 7/8 points per hour. Pulling up the rear was



, last week's rapid riser, at 13 points per hour.

Yep, we have to find some way to measure these Red Hots, so we have seized upon the radar-gun approach. This points-per-hour measure of velocity has beta beat, and it certainly trumps price-to-earnings and price-to-sales ratios. Those seem quaint by comparison.

I am thinking of asking Editor-in-Chief

Dave Kansas

to keep a radar gun at

to clock these Red Hots. At last, a rational way to measure market irrationality!

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