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Clean Up Your Mess!

The bears puked up some faves this morning, including nearly every B2B name. How thoughtful of them.
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Thanks for the gift! Yep, bears coalesced at the beginning of the morning off the "I don't know about



" downgrade to puke up a bunch of faves, including just about every



How thoughtful.

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It is hard to buy these stocks without these worries. And you have to buy them when you can, not when you have to. This morning was one of those "you could" moments.

And we did.

Remember the end-of-the-year dynamic? People who work at mutual funds want to show they own these. They want to show they know B2B. They want to show they know what is

Red Hot.

So, any decline will probably be used like this decline: as an opportunity.

Random musings

: Can you believe this crazy



? Talk about a gift! This is the one that keeps on giving. Slaughtered overnight, it comes back roaring during the day like some sort of invincible cartoon character. Beep, beep!

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