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Checking Out the BKX

The trader's thinking about the financials.
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You want this BKX index to do better if you are a bull. That's my bet to roll over next week, though, as it bears the brunt of a prospective short-rate increase. Perceived wisdom has it that financials do poorly when the short rates rally and I don't buck perceived wisdom. Doesn't make me any money.

This index looks very sick now, with nary an uptick in the banks or brokers. I have pared this group back big-time and am tempted to buy some puts on some of the more volatile high-dollar financials on any lift. (They are too expensive to go after right now, with all the premiums really juked up.)

The moment you read this, a half-dozen of you will email me about how the days when banks traded off short rates are history.

I will save you some trouble: You bet against this thesis, you will be history. There's $10 a month worth of value.

Random musings

: Don't forget the show. Slipping my tie on right now. My dad is getting a bunch of people in Philly to complain to



, but I think it is a huge waste of time because if popular will meant anything, we wouldn't have cable to begin with! Hoo-hah!

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