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Check Out Those Net Stocks

Glad I stuck by my drug guns.
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You want strange? Check out the


. With the


being hammered, and the financials getting laid to waste, you would think the DOT should be rolling over big-time. But

remember who owns these stocks

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. People who don't believe in the bond-stock linkage. People who think the growth in the Net is so great that it can't be handicapped by a small blip up in rates (although if you are long bonds like I am, it doesn't feel very small, indeed).

People who don't watch the bonds, or, more likely, thank the bond folks for giving them another, better opportunity to buy their faves.

I have never been one to pass judgment on this lack of focus on the bonds. Sometimes I wish I were younger and didn't even know about the linkage! (My best trading of the Net tends to be when I follow Dylan's "I was so much older then/I'm younger than that now" adage.)

So, I find myself nibbling at the Net even as I sock in the cyclicals. And I am glad that I stuck by my drug guns, even as I was bombarded by people telling me the selling there is overdone.

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