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OK, here's my question: What exactly is working lately? Is it buy on the dips? Short the

Red Hots? Buy the Red Hots? Short all sneaker manufacturers?

Have to admit, I've basically been treading water. Which, overall, I guess, is what many of you are doing. Oh well, not every week or month works out to be a great time to trade.

But it's always a great time to answer questions, particularly TA questions. So send away to Oh, and take my neat poll further down in this column. Maybe we'll all learn something.

Broken Breakout Sinks GNSS

My husband and I truly enjoy your column. If you have some time, would you mind doing a TA on Genesis Microchip (GNSS) - Get Genasys Inc. Report? -- Audrey Sih

Mover? Or Just Shaker?

I have corresponded with you on several occasions and, in fact, wear two

T-shirts proudly. In this universe of stocks, it is uncanny how you seem to address stocks I either own or am considering owning. Lately you have managed to select most of the stocks I am long. Unfortunately for me, they all ended up being GBS short candidates. Do you ever ponder the possibility that your evaluations will become self-fulfilling prophecies? That your predictions are considered gospel by your readers and that they will act on your advice? Do you have any sense of the number of traders who follow you and if their numbers can move a stock? All my whining aside, would you please revisit Premiere Technologies (PTEK) and tell me whether there is more upside than downside potential. You liked it as a "juicy" short. Now I have nothing but pulp at the bottom of my glass. -- Alan Burchard

Hmm, I guess the question is, Alex: Does GBS move markets? As much as I'd like to say yeah -- not out of pride by the way, but because it would mean


had a readership in the millions -- I'd have to say no. I suppose there's no real way of knowing, but I think it's unlikely I have any real impact on stock movement. But what do readers think?

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Do you think GBS moves stocks?

Yep, he's a regular Dan Dorfman.

Nope, who's he kidding?

As for PTEK, let's have a look.


With the coming holiday season and with the race for music supremacy on the Net, what do you think about CDnowundefined? By the way, it is merging with Columbia House, which Time Warner (TWX) and Sonyundefined are co-owners of. -- Carlos Machado

HMARQ Under Water

Love the column! You obviously have a sense of humor, so I would like you to take a look at Hvide Marineundefined. It was a


1998 Roundtable pick (long and wrong) and this week it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. How could a


Roundtable member pick a stock that busts just 18 months after he picked it? By the way, it had a book value of about $10 a share, but that did not save it, and it is a company that does about $300 million in annual revenue. Hvide Marine, in the marine transportation industry, supplies by boat to the oil drilling rigs. I own a little. (Very little now!) I thought after it was removed from the Russell 2000 on July 1, that the selling pressure would be over. (Wrong!) TA 1, Fundy 0. (Literally.) -- Bruce Koopmans

Too Fast For Comfort

I really like "" TV show but wish it was longer. Could you take a look at a little stock called DUSA Pharmaceuticals (DUSA) - Get Davis Select U.S. Equity ETF Report? I got in at 5 and it is in new high ground. I really like the stock but am wondering if it can break through resistance at about 16. What do you think? -- Lori Simmons

Lori, at least we're on closer to prime time now. One step at a time!

INFS Coming Into Focus

Looking at InFocus Systemsundefined. The fundamentals and the chart appear really strong to me. The strong fundamentals include rocketing sales with an unprecedented full quarter of backlog (talk about Y2K insurance!) and an outstanding balance sheet. On the technical side, I see a flag formation with strong support at 15 and potential for a breakout into the 25-plus area. Please give me your take. -- Clay Takaya

Toy Story

Please chart Hasbro (HAS) - Get Hasbro Inc. Report in anticipation of the holiday season. Thanks. -- Lou Ringe

AAPL Rises the Right Way

Good job on "" TV show. Noticed you predicted new highs for Dell (DELL) - Get Dell Technologies Inc. Class C Report. What do you think of Apple (AAPL) - Get Apple Inc. Report? Is AAPL going higher or has its climb been too steep? -- Shawn Murray

Sun Setting on NITE

Could you give me your take on Knight/Trimark (NITE) ? I am long 1,000 shares after the split, but as you can see, it has taken a nosedive. I still like the company, and it has a lot of backing from analysts. It is basically a cash machine and continues to beat earnings estimates. What do the charts tell you? -- Jeff Mckee

YHOO Stuck in Neutral

I read on and found all kinds of folks asking you to do charts for them, so I want to get in on that since I am your biggest fan now! What about Yahoo! (YHOO) ? I cannot figure it out! -- Pat Groeper

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