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If you're a first-time reader of this column, let me say up front: Stick around. You will


want to miss next week's columns. (In fact, even if you're a regular reader, you will not want to miss next week's columns!)

On Monday, I'll unveil the

Prom Queen 10

. Those are stocks you emailed me as being your favorites -- the kind you not only love to be in, but the ones you'll buy on



And then on Wednesday, I'll answer some interesting emails I received during the prior few days. One fellow raised the intriguing question, "Why trade at all?" Another thought it was ironic that I was questioning

Warren Buffett

for not changing, when I myself espouse "not changing" as a key to consistent trading. He wanted to know how I could reconcile these two viewpoints. And reconcile I will.

And, finally, in that same Wednesday column,

Rutgers University

will weigh in with some hard data on our "Are gaps always filled?" discussion. Neat stuff.

But, that's not all, because the following week will contain the final recap on ¿ Diana's bid to make the Potomac Valley "Zone" team in either the 50-yard and/or the 100-yard breaststroke! She swims next Friday through Sunday, and if I get any more nervous, I'm going to have to start stocking up on



So, all good stuff, but you don't have to wait until Monday, because the fun starts today. Want to join in? Yeah, you know you do, so email me at Special dispensation this weekend for all parents of Potomac Valley swimmers. Unless, of course, your swimmer is a 10-and-under female breaststroker!

Gary: Please show me a chart on (AMZN) and your comments. Mike Pickens

Chartman: So you have a soft spot for swim parents, eh? I'm the dad of a 12-and-under girl and a 10-and-under boy at the Dover, Del., YMCA. I'm new to technical analysis and would like your take on Unisys (UIS) . Despite its huge price gap down in October, it still looks like it's trending up. What do you think? Rich Felton

Gary: I have been following your charts for the last three months. Last December you said if Vitria Technologyundefined got past 196 it would go parabolic. I bought 100 shares at 200, and it is worth 320 now, post-split. Could you please look at it now and tell me what you see? Barb Horst

Gary: Could I have your opinion of TLC Laser Eye (TLCV) in one of your upcoming columns? They just performed laser surgery on the eyes of Tiger Woods. Also signed Woods on as spokesman. Any chance the stock could be as successful as Woods? Mike Cotton

Mike, here's some trivia you can file away. Tiger and I had our surgeries done at the same location. In fact, word has it, he's going around saying, "Hey, did you hear

Gary B. Smith

had his eyes done at the same TLCV as me?"

Gary, I have been in a stock-turned-rocket ship, Celgene (CELG) , for almost four years. The ride up has been exhilarating, but now I am faced with everyone's dilemma under such circumstances: when to get off? Thanks for the advice, in advance. Scott Johnson

Hey Gary, I love Gemstar's undefined fundamentals, but I'd love your opinion about the technicals. Are we headed for the long-awaited breakout? Len Digout

Gary; Love the column and the swimmers. My girls are heavily into basketball this time of year, so I know the parental time commitment. Could you take a look at Kopin's (KOPN) chart? My dad got into it at 10 and has a 20-bagger in it (the first person I've ever known to hang on to a big winner that long), and I've been in since 30. It continues to climb, but it's been so vertical, I want to know if it's sustainable. Jeff Lyon

Gary, The customer relationship management, or CRM, sector is a big mover right now -- and with the number of companies planning to implement going up daily, I see only upside for this sector. Although Siebel undefined is the big player, there is another company called Onyx undefined that is really starting to catch on. I would like to get your thoughts on this chart. Mitch Hayes

Gary B. Smith is a freelance writer who trades for his own account from his Maryland home using technical analysis. At time of publication, he was long Vitria Technology, although holdings can change at any time. Under no circumstances does the information in this column represent a recommendation to buy or sell stocks. Smith writes five technical analysis columns for each week, including Technician's Take, Charted Territory and TSC Technical Forum. While he cannot provide investment advice or recommendations, he welcomes your feedback at