Chart Parade: E-Tailers Under Scrutiny

Over the next two weeks, GBS will dedicate each column to a specific sector. First, the e-tailers.
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Surprised to see me here? Well don't be, because today through Friday, and then Monday through Friday of next week, I'm going to do a chart blitz!

That's right, every single day, I'll examine five charts from a different sector. You'll be seeing

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. In all, 45 charts, and I'll wrap with five of my favorites.

My schedule: e-tail, oil, B2B and finance this week. And then next week, Internet, Red Hots, old tech, retail and my final column on GBS faves. You will not want to miss these next nine days.

Oh, and for those who wanted the final wrap on the girls'

Junior Olympics

, here's a short and sweet summary: seven individual events, four personal bests, a third and fourth, respectively, in the 50-yard and 100-yard breaststroke and a relay time that just missed a top 16 cutoff. As for me? I timed all three days, removing myself completely from "overcoaching" either of my daughters. (Well, almost completely: I did walk over to


and reminded her to tighten her goggles!)

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OK, no more swim stuff until January. Instead let's roll the tape and jump right into that e-tail segment. Of course, in many ways it was this segment that really made the Internet, at least from a notoriety standpoint. Let's see, though, if any of my five can match their former glory.

Wednesday, oil. Is it dead, as implied by an article in

The New York Times

? Or is it still a crucial resource, as an article in


said? Tune in, because the charts tell all!

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