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Three local charities are especially capable of helping the families of the rescue workers: for police officers, The Widow's and Children's Fund of the Police Department; for fire personnel, The Widow's and Children's Fund of the Fire Department; and for emergency medical professionals The Emergency Medical Services Command Memorial Foundation.

You may make your donations, to one or all three, by sending a check or money order to: Daily News Charities Inc., P.O. Box 3307, New York, NY 10001.

The Cantor Fitzgerald Foundation

101 Park Avenue - 45th Floor

New York, NY 10178-0060

Attn: Phil Ginsberg

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TheStreet Recommends

American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Call (816) 931-8400

The Salvation Army National Disaster Relief Fund. Call 1-(800) 336-4547

United Way of America. Call 1-(800) 411-8929