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No. 1.

Say "Happy Boss's Day" to your boss. Without irony, if possible.

No. 2.

If you have a problem on the job, do not bring it to your boss on this day without also carrying with you an appropriate solution. This will be a nice change for some of you.

No. 3.

If there is an issue that you know has been bothering him, do not bring it up. In fact, don't talk to him about anything substantive at all. And if you know he doesn't really like you very much, don't talk to him.

No. 4.

Drop by and sit in her guest chair for a while without asking her for a single darn thing. Like, for just this one day, make believe that there's nothing you want from her except the pleasure of her company. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

No. 5.

If you and Forbisher are at odds again, do not descend on your boss's office asking for adjudication. Work it out between you, you big babies.

No. 6.

If you are the boss of a boss, do not pick this day to torture him or her about his or her expense report. No boss should do anything to any other boss today that makes them feel less like a boss and more like a piece of phlegm in the lungs of the corporation.

No. 7.

If your boss is on the road, call him and wish him many happy returns.

No. 8.

Why not ask him out for a drink after work? If you usually do that anyway, have an extra one "For the boss." You pick it up. Do not put it on your company card, if you have one, or have trouble finding your wallet if you do not.

No. 9.

If his or her door is closed, slip a little card saying "I love you" under it, unless that violates local sexual harassment policies. If it does, change it to read, "I like you very much."

No. 10.

Come on! Give him a hug! Doesn't that feel good? No? Well, it's not supposed to!