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Can't Choose a Side on Dave & Buster's

The poll was split, so the decision is yours. Plus, what we're doing right now.
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With about a thousand responses in, as well as more than 50 personal insights, I conclude that

Dave & Buster's


is probably down too much, but that the restaurant business is a tough, tough business and I don't want to be in it.

Lots of people told me that this is a fun place, and it does have a lot of fans. But margins are razor-thin and a couple of you have had bad experiences at Dave & Buster's locations away from the ones in St. Louis (no bad experiences -- home turf) and Philadelphia.

Texans like 'em but complain that the fries are old. That really stings. My wife, a longtime


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employee with the crossmarks of the fry basket still on her arm from a bad on-the-job accident, would tell you that cold fries are unforgivable.

I am not buying it for a trade, as I would have if our poll weren't so split. Here is how I used the poll: If there had been a solid majority saying they loved it, I would buy it, feeling confident that it would have to bounce. But a split is too hard to make a buck on. You are on your own.

Random musings

: OK, here's your chance.


thinks that the market is good for a trade. Me, I am thinking that it is OK, not great, not bad. So we are doing nothing except buying a little


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, which has now recovered from the

Maria Bartiromo

downgrade earlier in the week (that's the one where


had a bullish call but she made it into a bearish call and it killed the stock), and picking up a little Net.

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