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Canelo's Can-Do Rally

Cramer's thankful for the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter strategist's accurate rally prediction.
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What was that bear case again?

I want to credit Peter Canelo and the folks at

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

for this rally.

Canelo, who is a fantastic strategist and makes you a ton of money, was right yesterday in calling this latest ramp. This morning I was swamped with bureaucratic nonsense and couldn't turn to Jeff, but my unbelievably good broker Ray -- and I won't mention his last name because I don't want him stolen by another firm -- pushed me hard again. Heck, he pushed me three times, saying Canelo's got the hot hand and reminding me of the good news in semiconductors and Net issues.

Boom! Great call.

As someone who used to make those calls for a living and typically found they fell on deaf ears, I'm pleased to see that there are still people who reach through the muck and say, "Jim, this one has legs."

My Morgan man did that today. Made me real good money.

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