Dow Jones

record will have the fewest high-fives in history. I bet the

IBD Index

, my fave, gets slapped for a gigunda loss. Not only that, but we are faced with end-of-the-month buying, and I believe it will accentuate winners and clobber losers.

Yep, cyclicals again.

You know what is going on all over the Street today? Guys who cover

Cyprus Minerals








are getting calls, some for the first time this decade. Some of these analysts have been in the trenches longer than the skeletons at


or the



Now they are up over the top. They are scrambling for no man's land. There are no more machine guns, no more shelling. Heck, it is open field running to the bullish side.

Tomorrow they will ask for time on the morning research calls to talk up their stocks. Half of the brokers have never heard of these guys and three-quarters of the clients know nothing about their stocks. They do know this: The only owners of these stocks are people who -- if they didn't sell already into the pop -- just aren't selling.

So there is no supply. And massive demand.

The biggest problem? There aren't enough cyclicals left. Heck, there are more Net stocks than cyclicals. Much of the stock has been retired in this sector. Don't believe me? Even the

Morgan Stanley Cyclical

sector has stuff like






. And like land; they ain't makin' any more of them.

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