They didn't want me to come by. But I barged into their offices anyway. I couldn't stay away. These guys are right down the hall. I had to find out what they are doing. The door was ajar and I caught everything before and after.


It's gotta hold the 200-day. Everything holds the 200-day. Maybe we should put all of the fund in the 200-day when it gets there. We can squelch that rumor that he is quitting. That's ridiculous. But they are killing us here. Will the 200-day save us, boss? Whaddya say? Are we OK? Are we?


I dunno, Batch. If we go through the 200-day, like I don't know what happens. I guess we have to sell. It will be broken. I don't know. I never thought it would come to this. I am really scared. The 200-day has to hold. It has to. You told me it had to.


No Buzz, it was you who told me, you son of a -- (Looks up.) Hey Cramoo, what's cooking? Didn't hear you out there.


What's going on, guys? You sound a little nervous.


I don't what you are talking about. We were just kicking around the fundamentals of


(CSCO) - Get Report

. We were hashing out whether


(JNPR) - Get Report

has the better switch!




Yeah, no problemo. Business as usual at the

Hot Hot Hot

fund. I am more concerned about this Benz S Class recall. We are doing fine here.


Guys, I saw the

net asset value dip to minus 5% again last night. What's the deal?


We are just between rallies. Nothing to worry about. Relax-mo Cramoo!


What are you guys doing in the high-multiple stocks these days? Are you switching to the defensive names like some other managers are doing?


That's not what our shareholders want. They want tech, hot tech, high-tech,

Red Hot tech. What are you buying at your shop,



Oscar Mayer




? (Laughs.)


We are buying



like mad here and



. We figure we get these two hotties cooking and we can save the tape. Batch, keep taking up that



. It is only a matter of time before we get things rolling OTC-wise.


So the downturn doesn't affect you?


Frankly Cram-it, we are more worried about the weekend weather. I don't think the seaplanes are going to take off for East Hampton if this rain holds up. Might even have to catch the close, get that old Friday short-covering rally going!! Oh, and we gotta do some work here man, so don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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