They didn't want me to come in. But they wouldn't pick up the phone. Yep, it is those two lovable managers from the Hot Hot Hot fund, Buzz Gould and his sidekick Batch Hammer. Let's listen in.


Hey guys, what's shaking?


Oh man, we are buying back everything we sold yesterday. We dumped a million


(CSCO) - Get Report

, but we are taking it right back up. Hey,


only comes out once a week, so the coast is clear.


Yeah, we sold a million

Applied Materials

(AMAT) - Get Report

last night at 77 because they missed the whisper, and we shorted it when that woman on


said it was crummy, but now we are covering it and going long and feeling really good about it.


You guys adding some names here?



(INTC) - Get Report



Hold it -- Intel was your biggest position the other day!


Yeah, but then there was that

motherboard thing. Really spooked us. We had to blow it to kingdom come. But we are now back in, bigger than ever. That's cool. That's the game. (Aside: "Get me Naveen on the phone, gotta tell him to cancel those sell orders.")


How do you make any money that way?


"Stick around till the end of the quarter. We make it

all at the end. And with the new issues and when we beat up on market makers. Don't worry about us. This market is all about us. (To Naveen on another line: "Wassup? You gotta pull those 144 forms, boss? You are killing us. Gotta go, champ. Take it easy.")


Guys, I gotta get back; my head is spinning.


Shine your head for a quarter?


Knock it off Batch. This a good day. But don't get too cocky until we can walk up the






!! Then get cocky when we take apart the shorts tomorrow. Hey, and get a bunch of guys short that



-- I am hearing it's a good quarter, take it up 15 points.



Happy Days Are Here Again

) I loved that piece about the

hedge-fund game, Cramer. This is my second year, and I have experienced just about every kind of market. You oughta hang it up now. Isn't that what the article was really about? See ya at the Amagansett Food Market deli counter tomorrow night, okie doke?"

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